Dragon Blessings 安九龙

The Power of Theological Feng Shui  – beyond a display of compass

The legendary 9-Dragons were the sons of the mystical Chinese Imperial Dragon. Each of them possesses special power that can confront with any evil forces in any environment. 9-Dragons can commonly be seen in Chinese temples, Chinese imperial palaces and some old buildings. They can also be seen in ornaments or silver coins that people wear for blessings.

In this section, I shall display selected pictures of the ritual and setting of the 9-Dragons silver coins in some of the apartments that I have designed.

安九龙 9-Dragons

The 9-Dragons Blessing is one of the theological fengshui settings to bless a house. It possesses the power of bringing wealth, protecting household health and harmony. Set at the main entrance of the house, it also has the power to prevent negative forces or evil spirits from entering the house.

In my experiences of setting the 9-Dragons, there were unexplained occurrences in each case. Sometimes, there were strange wind blowing across the main door into the house at the completion of the ritual. There was also one case, where the sky was quite dark seems like a heavy storm is approaching, however, as soon as I began to conduct the ritual, the sun began to shine …

The Mystical Scene … 一个很特殊的景象…天空突然间分成阴阳两段…

In this case, when I left the hotel in the morning, the sky was in bright blue with white clouds, but when I reach the location, the sky began to turn dark until two bans of black and white strips appeared across the sky (as shown in the photo); then it began to rain. The owner of the house was quite concerned due to this sudden change of weather.

The Holy Water from Heaven …天赐圣水供朱砂用…

In my experience, there must be something that needs attention. Incidentally, I found no clean water for me to mix the red pearl ink, because at that time water supply was not connected to this building. I told the owner not to worry, because heaven is sending some water for me to complete this Job, then, rain began to fall, not heavy, just enough for me to get some water to mix the ink and clean up the sandy floor where I conduct the ritual. Then there was a strong wind blowing across the sky where the black clouds began to blend together with the white clouds and the sky became bright again when I was completing the blessing ……

>Each dragon coin is carefully placed into the hole on the floor.

 >Each process is different from the previous. 

>The hole is sealed and tiles were replaced after completion

9-Dragon Project 2011 at Sabah, East Malaysia.

The Mystical Scene,seems like the dragons are entering…

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