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乙未2015年流年通书。此书是根据道家选用的 “钦定协纪辩方书” 为主,编制2014年每日宜忌应用。
包括:时辰宜忌、诸神在地吉日、往亡飞廉和三娘诸煞… 命理学者必备之书。语言:简体中文146 页.

语言: 简体中文124页.

风水故事之一 实务阳宅风水
“风水故事” 经过多次的考虑已决定分成数本专题的方式出版。 “实务阳宅风水” 为第一册。此书旨在让学生掌握
现代实用风水的效果. 如何将古代风水法运用到现代的环境里以 “古法今用,死书活用” 的方式来真正了解实务风水
术并减低对 “纸上谈兵” 的种种实务疑问。语言:简体中文180 页.

语言: 简体中文88页.

The Science of Feng Shui
The Science of Feng Shui offers a frank and unique look at modern Feng Shui methods. The various principles involved
and more importantly, it includes practical case studies with illustrations for better appreciation. It offers an insightful journey
for readers to discover how the ancient Chinese derived this practice and how they benefited from this wisdom of centuries.
Readers will become more aware of their surroundings as they learn how to incorporate Feng Shui into their living environment.
Language: UK English 48 pages.

…the book is certainly an enjoyable, refreshing and easy read that will either inspire you or chill your spine.
FengShui News (London)

This book consists of all the basic principles of Feng Shui, I-Ching and fate studies. It covers the 12 Chinese Zodiac
signs and methods of Chinese appellation (name systems) for different birth signs. Journey of thousand miles
begins with the first step. This book is your first step to geomancy.  
语言: 简体中文200页.

BK2CoverThe Book of Face Reading (人面奇观)
This book consists of various steps of judging a person’s character from the face. It is a step by step process
of learning the 
characteristic of different features within the face. It also provides guidelines for employing
the right staff for your business. 


This book consists of the basic steps of fengshui. It explains the section of your home that is the prosperity positions and the
the best location for study room. It also explains some of the fundamental concepts of the Chinese Almanac
calendar (Tong Shu) and the methods to calculate auspicious days for weddings. 语言: 简体中文 96 页.

Starting your day with a Smile
This book consists of some of Master CPLim’s Graphic Design works over the last 20 years. With more than 100 full
colour prints. The book consists of CPLim’s philosophies of Communication Design. Language: UK English. 250 Pages.

Secrets of Human Face & Palm
This is one of the few titles on face and palm reading in English language. Learn the hidden characters and behaviours of
people around you through reading the features on the face and the lines in the palm. Improve your relationship with
your families, relatives, friends and business partners, understanding their behaviours through reading the face.
A step by step book from basic stages of face and palm reading to the advanced levels. Language: UK English 200 pages.

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